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Vietnam Medic: Field Journal Plucked from a world of the Beach Boys, classic cars, and pretty girls, a young man suddenly finds himself forced to play the role of an infantry medic in Vietnam.
 Daily patrols take him through the hot miserable jungles around Phuoc Vinh, Quan Loi, and Lai Khe.
 Near the Cambodian border of the first day of March 1967, he earns the right to be called a combat medic...
 Vietnam Medic: Field Journal is a moving and sometimes poignant chronicle of a Conscientious Objector's battle to survive the horrors of war armed only with a sense of humor and a simple faith in God.
 The author's Vietnam tour with the 1st of the 2nd in 1967, took him through the boonies around Phuoc Vinh, Quan Loi, Lai Khe, Tan Uyen, Minh Thanh, Chon Thanh, The Iron Triangle, The Michelin Rubber Plantation, and Tay Ninh Province in the midst of Operation Cedar Falls, Operation Junction City, Operation Manhattan, and Operation Shenandoah II.

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